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Pine Street Elementary

  • 133 Pine Street
  • Sherwood Park, AB T8A 1H2
  • Phone: 780-467-2246
  • Fax: 780-464-2761

Pine Street School Profile / Philosophy

Pine Street strives for excellence in working towards the attainment of academic, social, and behavioral growth for all students. We recognize the awesome shared responsibility we have in helping young children develop the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes to be life long learners and responsible citizens. All of our actions are thoughtfully directed towards providing a positive and appropriate educational environment for students with the active support of the home. We believe excellence is best achieved when the school works as a "team" in partnership with the home and the community.

Pine Street has a projected enrolment of 460 students. The school offers a regular English program in early childhood services to grade six, as well as Enhanced Learning Assistance. The extra services offered include Learning Assistance, counseling, balanced literacy, comprehensive literacy and differentiated instruction for all students encompassing the spectrum of special needs from the gifted and talented to the learning delayed.

Pine Street continues to refine the rich and diverse traditions that have been an integral part of reaching, teaching and learning for students and families of the school community. The school hosts a speaking contest referred to as the Campbell-Cribb Speaking Experience. This event enhances the Language Arts curriculum as the students plan, write, edit and orally present a speech they have written. The winning speeches are shared in a school wide assembly. This event has become an annual celebration of the creativity and competency demonstrated by students with the tremendous support of their families.

Students at Pine Street also have access to a wide variety of extra curricular activities which are offered in addition to the instructional day such as: choir, environmental club, board games club, computer club, running club, peer support group, and school patrols.

Approximately 50% of the students that attend Pine Street are bussed from south Clarkdale Meadows, Summerwood and the acreages to the south of Sherwood Park. During the winter months about 90-95% of the students remain at school for the lunch break.

PNE Handbook

Click on the following link to view the Pine Street Elementary Handbook

Handbook 13-14

Our Vision

We will act in a manner that models respect and responsibility and recognizes the inherent didnity and worth of all individuals.
We will work to create confident, caring children through meaningful relationships that are founded upon a belief in empowerment and trust.
We will utilize a variety of teaching strategies to enable children to strive for personal excellence.
We will work together as a professional learning community that builds upon a tradition of "best practices" so that all students can achieve high standards academically, socially and behaviorally.
We will deal with students in a manner that promotes creative and critical thinking skills.
We will share and celebrate student, staff and community accomplishments with pride.
We will welcome students, parents and partners as active members of our learning community.

Our Mission

Our safe and caring school community is built upon meaningful relationships and is committed to providing quality learning opportunities for students to achieve academic excellence as self-directed, lifelong learners and responsible world citizens.

Our Beliefs

  • The family is a child's first and most influential teacher.
  • The school works collaboratively with the home to support the growth of the whole child.
  • All children can learn and experience success.
  • Student's primary responsibility is for their own learning and respectful behavior.
  • Children learn from peers, adults and members of the greater community.
  • Knowledge, skills and attitudes are taught in relevant and meaningful ways.


Winston, our Bear, celebrates student achievements in striving for excellence through "Pawsitive Referrals."

We are Allergy Aware

Due to the variety of allergies experienced by some members of our staff and students, Pine Street School respectfully requests that all visitors be informed that we are an allergy aware school.

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