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February Information

From the Counselling Corner

Kindness is our new character trait at Pine Street and there are a lot of things to celebrate.

During the month of February, our students, through Candygrams raised $400.00 to go to the Mazankowski Institute.  They also raised $200.00 for the Heart and Stroke Foundation.  On Friday February 14th, each class spent time skipping and focusing on healthy heart activities.  At our assembly on the 14th, students who participated in the Hair Massacure were recognized:  Evan, Sheldon, Loklin, Kai, Quin, Faith and Willow. Quin and Faith’s class raised over $150.00 in support of Quin and Faith’s efforts. Well done students!

Our students participated in our counsellor’s meeting on February 13th.  Our Care Crew met and greeted the counsellor’s from the district.  Our leadership team took the counsellors on a tour of our school and two students from grade one, Nina and Joe talked at this meeting about the purpose of our student council.  All represented their school very well and exemplified kindness.

On February 22nd, our leadership students participated in an amazing conference that they lead.  There were several sessions that occurred and students from across the district participated in this fabulous day, which began with our Mayor Carr speaking about leadership.  We commend our students for taking a risk and leading the sessions at the conference.  It takes effort, discipline, and most of all courage to stand up and lead. 

We are very proud of our students at Pine Street and we thank all of our families for your tremendous support.

last updated; February 27th, 2014



January Newsletter


It seems fitting with the New Year that we reflect upon our mental, social and physical health.  For the month of January, we will focus on the mental aspects of our lives and this supports the national awareness for mental health.


What is mental health?  Mental health refers to us realizing our own abilities, coping with daily demands, and contribute to our sense of community in a healthy way. 


Do we need to think about children’s mental health?  Absolutely.  It is important for children to have the basic necessities of life met and it is also important that each child feel loved and a part of a family, a community. 

Children, however, do not usually share their feelings in the ways that adults do.  Instead they may act out when something is not quite right in their world.  The one key thing we can do as parents is to let our children know that we love them unconditionally and provide safe boundaries for them to explore and grow. 

Letting children explore is important.  They need to find out for themselves what they are capable of doing.  For example, playing at the playground.  Providing the child with boundaries and then letting him or her try out the equipment is a good way for him or her to connect to the environment and try things out.  Each time the child then visits the playground he or she gains awareness and confidence in the things he or she can do.  The message the child receives is that he or she can do it. 

Coping with changes and challenges can also be referred to as resiliency.  Resiliency relates to our ability to act positively to changes when things do not go as planned or as expected.  When does resiliency begin?  Essentially at infancy when a relationship with the child is developed, teaching him or her skills to adapt to changes that may happen on any given day. For example, a trip to the park may have been planned but has to be postponed.  While this may be disappointing it is a reality of life---things do happen and changes occur.  Teaching your child how to cope with these changes is a very important skill.

Including your child in community activities and experiences is also important as it expands his or her world and allows him or her to be a part of something and at the same time, learn a new skill.  This may involve such activities as sports, art, nature or music.  The resiliency skills you have been teaching your child can then be generalized to other environments the child experiences.

The Alberta Mental Health Board has published a number of books called The Bounce Back Book.  They begin at infancy and go through to the early school years.  One may also go online at to gather more information about developing mental health.

 last updated; January 7th, 2014


December Newsletter


From the Counselling Corner




While this topic could be presented at any time throughout the year it is presented here as our society typically emphasizes its importance at this time.  Winston Churchill stated the following about giving:  “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”


This statement seems logical—we do make a living by our pay cheques—the cheque often determines what we can and cannot afford.  In this way it does define our living.


Churchill makes an astute observation however between “making a living” and “making a life”.  In contrast, making a life is determined by “what we give”.  The early morning wake up calls, breakfasts ready made, lunches near our books, running to the bus, helping with homework, running to the store to purchase items for a project on short notice, reading bedtime stories are all ways that we give to our children.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank Pine Street’s families for assisting us in “making a life” at our school.  One example of giving involves our entire school population.  We give on a monthly basis to World Vision as we support a young child in Africa.  We give to the Christmas Bureau.  We give to the Stollery by providing homemade teddy bears to the youth that are currently residing there.  We also gave to Hope Mission this past month by paying for and serving a meal to the homeless.


On behalf of Pine Street we thank-you for your kindness and generosity of spirit.  Thank-you for “making a life” for our children.

 last updated; November 30th, 2013



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