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From the Counselling Corner

Michelle Borba, author of Parents do Make a Difference and Building Moral Intelligence:  The Seven Virtures That Teach Kids to Do the Right Thing, identifies that “moral intelligence is the capacity to understand right from wrong; it means to have strong ethical convictions and to act on them so that one behaves in the right and honorable way” (2001, pg. 4).   Moral intelligence encompasses several character traits that can be learned by all. 

At Pine Street our new character education trait that we will focus on is self-control.  That is not to say the other character traits will be forgotten, in fact they will be integrated in our lessons of self-control.  The definition we will be using for self-control is the regulation of behaviors so we know in our minds and our hearts the right thing to do and to say. 

We will be encouraging our students as always to continue to stand for good character and to help others in a positive, caring way when they may forget how we treat each other. Self-control will be presented to all students in an upcoming assembly. 

As always, we thank-you for your support and encourage you to speak to your children about what it means to have self-control.

Junior High News

It is at this time of year that we begin the process of thinking about junior high.  Junior high schools in Elk Island will send their respective registrations to us at Pine Street.  I will then hand them out to the students.  I do ask that they are back within one week, so that we know the registrations have been completed and that students have a fair opportunity for their option choices.  If students are late in handing their registration in, we ask that they hand deliver them to their designated junior high school. 

There has been some questions about Information Evenings for the junior highs in Elk Island.  They will occur sometime in late April, early May.  If you need the date now, please contact your designated junior high school for confirmation of their Information Evening date.

 last updated; February7, 2015




We would like to sincerely thank all of our Pine Street families for their gift of generosity this Christmas season.  On November 28th, the Christmas Bureau came and picked up many food, toys, books, and gift cards to support families in the Sherwood Park area.

Know that these gifts were picked up and will be distributed throughout the Christmas time period.

On another note, I ask that you take care of yourselves during the holiday period.  It is a busy time for many families and it is not surprising that some are very overwhelmed.  Children are wise and can pick up on when Mom and Dad may be busy trying to fit everything in.  Give yourself permission to slow down.  As a family you may wish to decide to go to one activity and enjoy it, rather than trying to get to three and be exhausted.   

Trying to keep an established routine may be helpful for many students as it provides a sense of comfort knowing that each day looks similar.  Of course, there are exceptions to the rule and you will know what works best for your child/children.

I wish you all the very best during the Holiday season and look forward to seeing all the children come back rested and ready to go in January.

 last updated; December 1, 2014


November 2014

From the Counselling Corner

Television, newspapers, radios, and social media provide us with information on an ongoing, consistent basis.

We are saddened by the events presented these past few weeks.  Two Canadian soldiers, who fought for our freedoms and the freedom of others, killed in acts of violence. 

The newspapers, radio, television and social media have been busy relaying the story over and over again.  Deborah Serani, a psychologist and psychoanalyst who reports for Psychology Today, notes in a June 2011 article titled, If It Bleeds, It Leads: Understanding Fear Based Media, that how journalism is presented has changed: \”the journalistic mission was to report the news as it actually happened, with fairness, balance, and integrity. However, capitalistic motives associated with journalism have forced much of today's television news to look to the spectacular, the stirring, and the controversial as news stories.”

Ms. Serani also notes that the main aim of the story is to “grab” our attention and then “persuade the viewer” to believe what is happening or occurring. This is done in a variety of ways, by using voice (change in tone, cadence) to presenting questions that make one think.  Problems, arise, however, when the initial information that is presented is not accurate or changes.  This creates fragmentation and confusion as the person watching is not able to ascertain what is real. 

You may or may not agree with Serani. While Serani does not identify the age of the viewers in her article, it is important to note that our children have beautiful young minds.  These minds, are not able to process complex material in the way that adult minds can.  Watching and re-watching the news, hearing the news over and over again, interacting with social media, can create anxiety in our children.  They are not able to process.

I encourage you to limit what your children are viewing and listening to on a daily basis.  Your children may have questions as to what has happened and or is occurring.  As parents, you will know what information your child is able to understand.  The most important message will be to share with them that they are safe and loved.  

last updated; November 12, 2014

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