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The Book Fair is coming

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We are once again hosting a Scholastic Book Fair in conjunction with the Celebration of Learning nights here at Pine Street Elementary. The theme for this year is "Enter the Kingdom of Books!" Everyone is invited to come see this great event which will be open the nights of Tuesday, October 28th and Wednesday, October 29th from 4:00-7:00 p.m. Come have a look, as there will be lots of exciting books; as well as you can enter when you come with your child(ren) for the Family Event Door Prize. Classes will have a chance to come preview the fair with their teachers ahead of time. We hope you can come out and help support the library with your purchases, as a portion of all the sales comes back to the school to buy new books. We hope to see you there!

Did you know...?

- You can watch, listen and read books on BookFlix, a resource found in the Online Reference Centre (ORC) on The nice thing about many of these books is the fact that it helps the students understand the difference between fiction and nonfiction (both terms I quiz the students on when they come to the library). After watching some of the books test your child's knowledge of why some  books are considered fiction and some are fact. BookFlix is great to use with children in Kindergarten to Grade 3.

- "Vatican City, Hong Kong, Singapore and Monaco all have at least one thing in common: their entire populations lie within the boundaries of urban centers" (quoted from CultureGrams Online Database). This resource is intended for Grades 3-12 and can be found in the ORC. Be sure to check it out to learn more facts and read what else is fascinating in our world. 

Plus if you are unsure how to use either of the mentioned  resources, stop in at the library and I would be happy to show you.


Looking for volunteers

Do you like to have things organized? Are you quick at arranging things alphabetically and numerically? Are you a parent that already comes to the school to help out in the classroom? If so, why not stay a little bit longer and come help Ms. Forst in the library. I am looking for interested parents to help with some of the shelving of books. Duties would include shelving fiction and nonfiction books, as well as some shelf reading to make sure that the books are in the right spots. This is always an ongoing process and I would greatly appreciate some help. If you are interested please use the contact form to email me or call the school. Thank you.


Don't Google it!

As you help your child(ren) at home with homework, we would like to suggest that your family get familiar with what the Online Reference Centre (ORC) has to offer, and not use Google. While Google is a great search engine with its smart search box, it is not that great at recommending curriculum approved and relevant information all the time. We try to teach our students about proper searching and how to pick the good sites from the bad, but this skill also needs to be practiced at home. The ORC is free to use by all students, parents and educators in Alberta, and it a great source of information about anything that your student(s) are learning in school, and there are recommended and approved sites to use too. Throughout the year we will try to work with all the classes so that they become more familiar with what it offers. Simply contact the school office to obtain the username and password to use it from home. It was also included in your student’s agendas.

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