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Staff Extension Numbers

To reach your teacher, please call us at 780-467-2246.  If no one is available to answer, please type in the extension number you are trying to reach once the message begins.

Ms. Appleby Kindergarten Ext 6309   Mrs. Weber Grade 5 Ext 6323
Mrs. Kavalinas Grade 1 Ext 6345   Mrs. Stevens Grade 5  Ext 6303
Mrs. Magnan Grade 1 Ext 6342   Mrs. Zielke Grade 5 Ext 6324
Mrs. Forbes Grade 2 Ext 6305   Mrs. Hawryluk Grade 6 Ext 6333
Mrs. Ferguson Gr. 2-3 Split Ext 6304   Mrs. Lockwood Grade 6 Ext 6330
Mrs. Bochek Grade 3 Ext 6311   Mrs. Gagnon PALS  Ext 6328
Mrs. Bessette Grade 4 Ext 6327   Mrs. Harty PALS Ext 6347
Mrs. Woodbeck Grade 4 Ext 6319    Mrs. Strom (Miss B) PALS  Ext 6306
Mrs. Hines Principal Ext 6301   Mrs. Vetro Music Ext 6341
Mrs. Remeika Assistant Principal Ext 6302        


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