Math Game Videos

EIPS Math Videos for Parents

Welcome to the Elk Island Public Schools Math Video Series for Parents! This video is intended to provide an overview of our project. The videos were created at Pine Street School. We are grateful for the Pine Street School Parent Council for their hard work and time on this project. We are also thankful for the staff and students who were involved.

EIPS Math Before Bed for Parents

In this video, we provide suggestions of activities that parents can do with their children to incorporate numeracy and math into their bedtime routines.

Please check out for more ideas and prompts.

*Imagines used in the video found at

Mindset about math can impact achievement. This video addresses the importance of a growth mindset and discusses how parents can promote a growth mindset with their children. 

"Mindset Boosting Videos" from Jo Boaler can be found at:

Students make a movie to capture their learning in our math camp. Music Video from youcubed Maths Camp. Our Brains Think about Math Visually

Division 1 Games

Division 1 Math Fact Games will be demonstrated. Parents can play these games with their children to promote math fact fluency.