Pine Street School Celebrates 50 Years

History of Pine Street School

Below is an article about the history of Pine Street School from "Sherwood Park: The First Twenty-Five Years" copyright County of Strathcona 1983

"To accommodate a growing public student population, construction of another school in Sherwood Park, located at 133 Pine Street, began in 1962 and opened for classes in September of 1963.  The original two storey building was named Sherwood Park Elementary School.  It contained eleven classrooms, one multi-purpose room, a gymnasium, a library and some administrative office space.

When the Sherwood Park Elementary School first opened in 1963 as a grade one to four school, it was under the direction of Val Roos as principal and George Schular as vice-principal.  There were thirteen members on the first staff.

In September, 1969, Mr. Schular assumed the principalship of Sherwood Park Elementary School.  He was assisted by George Butner as vice-principal and grades five and six were added to the original grade one to four classes.

Two major changes occurred in September of 1971.  An addition to the school was completed.  This single story addition contained eight classrooms, a science room, an ancillary room, a staff room, an infirmary, a conference room and two small offices.

That year also, the name of the school was changed from Sherwood Park Elementary School to the present name of Pine Street School.  The name change was necessitated because of the confusion caused particularly in the post office, with the other elementary schools in Sherwood Park.

In September, 1975, the present principal, Pat Kisilevich became the third principal in the twenty-one year history of Pine Street School.  Boris Stashko was appointed as the assistant principal in the same year.  At the time of writing, they are ably assisted by Don Kachurowski as vice-principal and the present staff of thirty-one."